The dentist's office can't always be an enjoyable experience, but I'd say Sisters Dental helps to make it the best option possible. The staff is all extremely friendly. They take time to explain what's going on and make sure you're comfortable. Dr. Crockett is no exception from his staff. He takes a great deal of time to make sure you understand what your options are and that you understand what it all means. 
 He has a laid-back, friendly approach. The front desk staff will help you work with insurance and I believe they offer payment plans for those without insurance as well. All in all, my family lives in Bend and we drive to Sisters just to go to this dental office.
C T.,
My wife and I are fairly new to Sisters, and was unfortunate enough to lose a crown (dental, bot royal headgear) Sunday afternoon. I sent a message via the Sisters Dental web site and received a phone call Monday, offering an appointment early that afternoon! Dr. Ben Crockett and his entire staff were easy-going and friendly. Once in the chair, Ben and Judy were quick, efficient and gentle. I would patronize these wonderful dental care providers - even if I needed to drive from Bend or Redmond. Thanks again Sisters Dental! We'll see you again. Mac McCloskey,
Hi, my name is Derek and I was traveling on vacation with my family from Los Angeles and happened to stay in sisters Oregon for two nights. While I was eating my breakfast, I fractured my back right molar.The pain was excruciating, and I knew I had to see a dentist right away. I must say I was a little leery of seeing a dentist in such a small town concerned about the quality of care that I would receive. My wife recommend we drive to Bend to see a dentist,but I wanted to see someone right away to take care of the problem. I went to Yelp and found the only Dentist that had a yelp review. It was a positive one so I called the office and spoke with Stacy. 

She was very friendly and accommodating. Although their schedule I'm sure was packed and crowded based upon all the patients I saw there, she squeezed me in right away because they cared. I thought for sure the dentist was going to have to extract my tooth due to the nature of my problem. However, he saved my tooth by putting in a temporary filling and I was blown away at the quality of care that I received. The dentist that I see in Los Angeles is a dentist of the stars, in fact, when I was in the waiting room Mel Gibson was there the last time my wife was there she saw Lisa Bonet. I'll never forget the excellent job Dr. Crockett did and saving my tooth. If I lived up here and sisters he would definitely be my guy. His assistant Judy was also extremely nice and friendly. I highly recommend this office to anyone who is looking for a Dentist. Derek T.,