Get Help for Your Most Urgent Dental Needs

34 MILLION Dental emergencies lead to 34 million lost hours of school annually. Source.
From cracked teeth to knocked out teeth to infected gums, your dentists are experienced at handling almost any emergency. Our team will treat your pressing dental need and restore the health and function of your smile. Our first goal when you arrive with an emergency is to stop your pain. We’ll numb your mouth, so you don’t feel a thing. However, you can also receive sedation for a greater sense of calm.

Here are a few ways we handle emergencies:

  • Repair Your Tooth – If your tooth is cracked or seriously damaged, your dentist will restore it with a filling, partial crown, or full-sized dental crown. It all depends on the amount of damage to your teeth. You’ll regain your complete and healthy function.
  • Treat Infections – An infection in your gums or your teeth can lead to serious discomfort. Your dentist can perform a root canal to keep your natural tooth intact. Our practice also offers treatments for infected gums.
  • Extract Teeth – A tooth removal is always our last resort. However, sometimes it’s necessary. Your dentist will perform a safe and gentle tooth extraction if needed.
  • Replace Lost Teeth – If you knocked out a tooth and it’s not possible to put it back in place, your dentist can restore your smile with a lifelike restoration. A bridge can replace one or several missing teeth. You can also get restorations paired with implants for a lifelike bite.

Call 541-275-5276 to meet with your emergency dentist in Sisters. You can also ​​schedule online for non-emergency situations.