Avoid Injury With a Custom-Fit Mouthguard

Athletes put their teeth, gums, and cheeks at risk while playing sports. Bruxers clench and grind their teeth, increasing their risk of cracking, chipping, or dislodging a tooth. Injuring your mouth can increase your need for restorative treatments. This increases the cost and complexity of your dental care. By taking the necessary steps to prevent injury, you can avoid this expense.

At Sisters Dental, our team wants to give our patients the best treatment possible. If you want a mouthguard to protect your smile, you’ll appreciate that we will make it in-house. These customized guards offer you benefits that you won’t get from store-bought options:

  • Perfect Fit – Your mouthguard will fit you perfectly. It won’t fall out of place or feel uncomfortable in your mouth, which is often the case with ones from the store. You also won’t need a frustrating boil-and-bite process before the first time you wear it.
  • Long-Lasting Solution – The mouthguard you get at our practice can last you for years. Just brush it with gentle soap and water to keep it clean, and bring it with you to your exams so we can ensure it’s in good shape.
  • Full Protection – Your bite guard or athletic guard will offer you more complete protection. You’ll keep your smile safe while living your best life.

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