Your Extraction Will Go Smoothly At Our Practice

An extraction is often a last resort to saving your smile. Your dentist will always try to keep your natural tooth intact whenever possible. That’s why we offer many restorative procedures. A root canal can stop an infection inside your tooth. Or a crown can restore a tooth harmed by a large cavity or other serious damage. If gum disease threatens your teeth, you’ll find a wide range of treatment options to restore your dental health.

However, when an extraction is necessary, you can expect your procedure to go smoothly. You’ll feel comfortable in a private care room and your mouth will be numbed. You can receive sedation if you’d like.  Once your tooth has been removed, there will be a healing period. Then, you can return to our office for a tooth replacement option such as:

  • An implant-crown combination to replace a single tooth
  • A traditional dental bridge or implant bridge for several missing teeth
  • Implant dentures for a lifelike oral function
  • All-on-4 to replace full arches of teeth with fewer implants

Your dentist will review which of our teeth replacement options are suitable for your needs, goals, and budget. Our team will ensure you regain a completely functional smile. Plus, we’ll educate you on ways to protect your dental health and avoid future extractions.

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