Safeguard Your Teeth With a Crown or Bridge

Whether you have lost or damaged a tooth or have a cavity, crowns and bridges are versatile treatment options for many smile needs. Your dentist will recommend the best material for your needs and budget, whether it’s one that looks like your natural tooth color or gold.

You’ll find several options:

  • Dental Crown – A crown can repair many kinds of damage, including breaks, cracks, and large cavities.
  • Inlays or Onlays – These partial crowns are often ideal for teeth that need more than a filling, but not a full crown. You’ll retain more of your healthy tooth structure.
  • Dental Bridge – A bridge is used to fill in gaps where you’ve lost a tooth or teeth. The bridge is supported by your teeth on either side of the gap.
  • Implant Crown – If you’ve lost a single tooth, a crown paired with an implant can replace it. As an alternative to a bridge, you’ll avoid having to remove structure from any healthy teeth.
  • Implant Bridge – Anchor your bridge to dental implants for stronger chewing power. You’ll avoid having to prepare healthy teeth for the procedure. Plus, implants will help prevent bone loss in your jaw.

Sedation is available if you struggle with anxiety. You can also have your procedure completed in a private patient care room. This may give you greater peace of mind about completing your treatment.

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