Replenish Your Gums & Restore Your Confidence

Receding gums happen for a variety of factors. Gum disease, smoking, hard brushing, accidental injury, and genetics can all play a part. If you want a healthier gumline, your dentist may recommend gum grafting. Replenishing your gumline will make your smile look more appealing while improving its health too.

Before a grafting procedure, your dentist’s first goal is to ensure your gums are in good condition. Our team will treat any infection first with our wide range of gum disease treatment options. Once your gums are healthy, your dentist can move forward with a gum graft. We will use tissue from your own mouth, a donor, or synthetic material to graft into your gumline. Although your mouth will be numb, sedation is available if needed. We use dental lasers to improve the comfort and precision of your care.

This procedure offers numerous benefits:

  • Reduced Sensitivity – A grafting procedure can lessen the sensitivity that occurs with exposed tooth roots. You can indulge in your favorite hot or cold meals or drinks without discomfort or hesitation.
  • More Balanced Smile – While it’s not typically completed for cosmetic reasons, a grafting procedure will make your smile look more appealing. It will restore your gumline, so you can smile with confidence. Your teeth will be more secure as well.
  • Improved Oral Health – Exposed tooth roots can put your smile at risk. By addressing your receding gumline, you’ll reduce your risk of developing oral health problems. Your teeth and gums will look and feel healthier.

Rest assured, your dentist will only recommend a graft if it’s the ideal technique for your smile. Once the procedure is complete, your dentist will educate you on ways to keep your gums in excellent condition. We ensure our patients are well-equipped to maintain the results of any treatment at our practice.

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