Our Sedation Options Will Calm Your Nerves

Every individual has unique needs and sensitivities when it comes to dental care. Some have severe anxiety because of a previous experience. Others are sensitive to the lights and sounds, or struggle with a sensitive gag reflex. Whatever your reason for having stress or reluctance about your appointment, you aren’t alone. Other patients struggle with these feelings too. Your dentist recognizes that these challenges can sometimes get in the way of you achieving a healthy and beautiful smile. They don’t have to, though.

You can receive sedation, if needed, to feel calm. You can choose from two soothing options:

  • Laughing Gas – This mild form of sedation is perfect for those seeking a gentle sense of calm during their appointment. It’s safe for both adults and children. You’ll breathe in the laughing gas and feel relaxed right away. It fades quickly, so you can safely drive home.
  • Oral Sedation – For those seeking a deeper level of relaxation, oral sedation is a great option. You’ll take a prescription pill before your appointment. When you arrive, you’ll feel deeply calm, allowing you to undergo even the most complex procedures. You’ll need to arrange for a ride home afterward.

For an ultra-relaxed state, you can combine an oral sedative with laughing gas. No matter which type of sedation you choose, you’ll be closely monitored during your treatment.

You will also appreciate our office has private patient care rooms available. This allows you to ask any questions you want or voice concerns without worrying about the presence of other patients close by.

Call 541-275-5276 for an appointment, and ask about our sedation options in Sisters. You can also ​​schedule online.